3,000 Black Tie Kickstarter backers at any dollar amount gives the original Font Awesome major upgrades. Only 7 days left to back this project!

Thank You

First of all, thank you to so many of you for helping Black Tie reach its initial goal in just 6 days. I'm crazy excited to get started and make Black Tie awesome!

Since launching this project, I’ve received some questions about the future of the original Font Awesome, as well as requests for improvements to it. Although I am venturing into the commercial realm with Black Tie, I am completely committed to maintaining and improving the original Font Awesome. To show that commitment, I’ve added individual and group rewards to the Black Tie Kickstarter, which will specifically benefit the original Font Awesome.

I Need Your Help

With only 7 days remaining, I really need your help to get the word out. As a thank you for helping me spread the word about Black Tie, I will give the original Font Awesome some major upgrades if the Kickstarter reaches 3,000 backers at any dollar amount. Even a single $1 donation counts toward the backer total. So please back Black Tie and help me spread the word! Twitter, Facebook, relevant forums. Any and every donation helps!

Upgrades to the original Font Awesome

If the Black Tie Kickstarter reaches 3,000 backers at any dollar amount, Font Awesome will see some major upgrades very soon:

  • NEW - Add SVG support to the original Font Awesome.
  • Retool every icon from scratch. It will have the same great style, and I'll optimize points for smaller file size per icon and better visual consistency.
  • Improve icon search considerably and give better icon previews. No more squinting at the documentation!
  • Further improve the documentation for each icon and show exactly how it fits into the 14 pixel grid.
  • Add more how-tos, including pixel-precise icon positioning.

T-Shirt-only Reward

For those that would like to specifically support the original Font Awesome, I've also added a reward that includes a limited edition Font Awesome T-shirt.

What if we don't hit 3,000 backers?

Font Awesome is currently on nearly a million websites – so I’m really hoping we can find 3,000 backers who are willing to support upgrades to the project! If not, Font Awesome will still get most of these upgrades eventually. As I said, I'm committed to continuing to improve Font Awesome. But support from the Kickstarter means I'll be able to prioritize it much higher and get to it much more quickly. If you've found Font Awesome useful, please consider supporting this project so I can get these improvements made as soon as possible!